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Most Popular Policies of Star Health Insurance

  • Star Health Criticare Plus Policy
    Star Health Criticare Plus Policy is a critical illness policy that provides hospitalization benefits along with critical illness cover.
    Key features of Star Health Criticare Plus Policy
    • 5% discount for up to 2 members and 10% discount for more than 2 members
    • Coverage available for non-allopathic treatments is available up to 25% of the sum insured
    • No medical screening for candidates below 50 years of age
    • Coverage available for specific day care process and ambulance charge
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  • Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
    Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance plan offers protection to the entire family for a single premium.
    Key features of Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
    • Coverage for new born baby is available
    • Coverage for organ donor expenses is available
    • Coverage available for expenses due to domiciliary treatment
    • Restore benefit and recharge benefit are available
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  • Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy
    Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy is designed for individuals between 60 to 75 years of age to look after their medical needs.
    Key features of Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • in-house claim settlement facility is available
    • Coverage for nursing and ICU expenses is available
    • Customized e -health records available
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  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
    Star Cardiac Care Insurance policy is designed for people with previous history of heart related ailments.
    Key features of Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • Scope to increase sum insured amount at policy renewal
    • Coverage for Cardiac Medical Management in Gold Plan
    • Coverage available for pre and post hospitalization expenses
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Star Health Super Surplus

Just like the unpredictability of rain in the monsoons, health issues are also unpredictable. You never know when you gnet contracted by a disease. Is’t it? Things become more appalling when your medical bills stress your pocket to the maximum and wipe out all your savings. Sometimes your health insurance coverage also falls short.

An Add-on with wider coverage, lesser cost

Dear reader, traditional health insurance policies offer only primary benefits that are sometimes not enough. Therefore, Star Health presents to you Super Surplus plan. This policy offers wider protection at affordable rates, in comparison to the benefits offered by the basic policies. This helps you be prepared for health eventualities in the future.

Salient product features

  • One of the best features of this plan is – broader coverage at lesser investment.
  • This product is available on both individual and family floater basis.
  • Family connotes – 2 Adults + 2 Children.
  • Children should be economically dependent on parent(s).
  • This plan covers dependent children up to the age of 25 years.

Policy benefits

  • In-patient coverage, wherein the insured person is covered against the hospitalization (in-patient) expenditures. This is valid, only if the hospitalization duration is a minimum of 24 hours.
  • The rider mentioned above also includes room rent at the rate of 2% of the total amount of sum insured. The upper limit can be up to Rs. 4000/day.
  • There is no ceiling on Intensive Care Unit (ICU), diagnostic charges, medicines or consultation fees.
  • Nursing as well as boarding charges are also covered.
  • Apart from the aspects mentioned above, consultant’s, surgeon’s, anesthetist’s fees, cost of oxygen, blood, pace makers, test, cost of medicines, etc. are also there in the board.
  • A deductible is also applicable for every hospitalization, as opted by the insured.
  • Coverage is also offered for pre-existing illnesses. It can be availed after 36 months of consecutive policy renewal with any of the insurance provider in India.
  • Pre-acceptance clinical screening is not needed in order to get insured under this policy.

Eligibility pointers

  • If you are between the age group of 5 months to 65 years, you can easily opt for this plan.
  • You can insure maximum Rs. 10, 00,000/-
  • As far as exit age in concerned, there is no boundary.
  • After 65 years of age, you can only opt for renewals.

This chart will make things clearer. Take a look!



Sum Insured

Rs. 7,00,000

Rs. 10,00,000

Policy Duration

1 Year

1 Year

Entry Age

5 months

60 years

Renewable till Age

75 years

Exit Age



Policy premiums in detail:

For Individual Basis:

Sum Insured




Rs. 7,00,000/-

Rs. 3,00,000/-

Rs. 3,000/-

Rs. 10,00, 000/-

Rs. 3,00,000/-

Rs. 4000/-

For Family Floater Basis:

Sum Insured




Rs. 10,00, 000/-

Rs. 3,00,000/-

Rs. 5,700/-

Rs. 10,00, 000/-

Rs. 5,00,000/-

Rs. 4,300/-

General terms:

  • Income tax benefits– You are eligible to avail handsome tax benefits under Section 80D (Indian Income Tax Act, 1961). It can be availed on all payment modes, except cash.
  • Free look up– There are situations, when after purchasing a policy, you find it to be somehow not apt for you. To deal with such situations, Star Health Super Surplus offers 15 days of Free Look Period. In case you want to cancel the policy, you can do it. This clause is not valid at the renewal time.

Cancellation chart

Period on risk

Premium rate to be retained

Up to 1 month

1/3rd of the annual premium

Up to 3 months

½ of the annual premium

Up to 6 months

3/4th of annual premium

Exceeding 6 months

Total annual premium

  • Lifetime renewal guaranteed – You are entitled to get lifetime policy renewal beyond the age of 65 years.
  • Portability option– This health insurance policy is portable. In case you want to switch to any another service provider, you can’t opt for the same.

Amazing Star advantages

  • No TPA (Third Party Administrator) involved
  • All claim settlements are handled by direct in-house executives
  • Hassle-free and faster claim settlement
  • Cashless hospitalization benefit available at network hospitals
  • Over 6000 empanelled hospitals all over India
  • E-documentation

Policy exclusions you should be informed of:

Health Conditions and treatments


Naturopathy treatments

Not Covered (conditions apply)

Diagnostic expenses

Not Covered

Cosmetic treatment

Not Covered

Cosmetic surgery

Not Covered

Congenital disease

Not Covered

Obesity treatments

Not Covered

Dental treatment (except accident cases)

Not Covered


Not Covered

Mental disorders

Not Covered

Nuclear weapon induced treatments

Not Covered

Drug abuse

Not Covered


Not Covered