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Most Popular Policies of Star Health Insurance

  • Star Health Criticare Plus Policy
    Star Health Criticare Plus Policy is a critical illness policy that provides hospitalization benefits along with critical illness cover.
    Key features of Star Health Criticare Plus Policy
    • 5% discount for up to 2 members and 10% discount for more than 2 members
    • Coverage available for non-allopathic treatments is available up to 25% of the sum insured
    • No medical screening for candidates below 50 years of age
    • Coverage available for specific day care process and ambulance charge
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  • Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
    Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance plan offers protection to the entire family for a single premium.
    Key features of Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
    • Coverage for new born baby is available
    • Coverage for organ donor expenses is available
    • Coverage available for expenses due to domiciliary treatment
    • Restore benefit and recharge benefit are available
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  • Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy
    Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy is designed for individuals between 60 to 75 years of age to look after their medical needs.
    Key features of Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • in-house claim settlement facility is available
    • Coverage for nursing and ICU expenses is available
    • Customized e -health records available
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  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
    Star Cardiac Care Insurance policy is designed for people with previous history of heart related ailments.
    Key features of Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • Scope to increase sum insured amount at policy renewal
    • Coverage for Cardiac Medical Management in Gold Plan
    • Coverage available for pre and post hospitalization expenses
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Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance

The Family Health Optima Insurance policy by the dedicated and standalone insurance provider, Star Health is a complete protection for you and your family. The best part is – it protects the entire family under a single coverage on the payment of single premium. Thus, it saves money as well as strengthens family bonding.

Policy highlights

  • One policy, a wider amount covered at quite affordable premiums – these are the main highlights of the policy.
  • The policyholder is entitled to get auto recharge advantage. It is up to 30 percent of the amount of sum insured at no extra charges. This benefit can be used for any claim that comes under this policy.
  • The cost of health examinations for up to Rs. 5000/- can be availed after every three consecutive years of the plan coverage.
  • The insured can also get the benefit of automatic restoration of the total amount of sum insured upon exhaustion.
  • The policy also offers automatic coverage to a newborns.
  • In case of organ transplantation, donor expenses are also covered.
  • More than 400 day care treatments and procedures are covered.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization Expenditures are unlimited for treatments that exceed 3 days.

Policy Benefits

  • The insured is entitled to get in-patient hospitalization coverage, if the duration of hospitalization is 24 hours or more. The coverage includes – boarding and nursing charges as well as room rent.
  • In addition to that, anesthetist’s, surgeon’s, doctor’s, specialist’s and consultant’s fees are also included. That’s not all, cost of drugs and medicines, oxygen, blood and OT charges are covered too.
  • Ambulance charges in case of emergency transportation of the insured patient to a healthcare facility are also reimbursed. It is Rs. 750/hospitalization. If you consider the overall limit, then it’s Rs. 15, 00/policy tenure.
  • Pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses are also covered up to 60 days before admission and 90 days after discharge, respectively

Add-ons are always enticing

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered, but after the period of 48 months only if the policy is renewed consecutively.
  • There is no room for TPA (Third Party Administrator) for claim settlement. All claim related procedures are undertaken by in-house team of professionals.
  • The insured is entitled to avail free health consultation (telephonic) from a medical practitioner.
  • For every claim-free year, the insured is entitled to get 10 percent additional sum insured (cumulative bonus).

Eligibility Details

  • Any person residing in India and between the age group of 18 to 65 years can go for this insurance plan.
  • After the age of 65 years, the policy becomes renewable for the lifetime.
  • Lifelong renewability feature makes this policy really effective.
  • A child from the 16th day of his or her life can be included under the policy coverage.
  • It is on a floater basis.
  • The total amount of insurance coverage floats between the insured members of a family (covered under the scheme).

Note: Here family denotes – the proposer, his or her spouse, economically 3 dependent children (age group – 16 days to 25 years).

General terms

  • Co-payment– A co-payment amount of 20 percent is applicable. It is for every claim, both fresh and renewal plans. This clause is for those policyholders who are more than 60 years of age the time of policy entry.
  • Pre-acceptance diagnostic tests– Individuals who are more than 50 years of age would have to undergo a formality called Pre-acceptance screening at Star Health Designated medical facilities. The cost of the medical screening would be borne by the health insurance service provider.
  • Tax exemptions– All payments, except those made in cash, are entitled to get income tax benefits under the Income Tax Act, 1961, Section 80 D.
  • Free look period– This is one of the added advantages of the policies with Star Health Insurance. It is 15 days duration granted to the policyholders that allow them to review the terms and conditions of the policy they have purchased. The time period starts from the very first day of the receipt of the insurance policy by the buyer.

After reviewing the policy, if the insured is not happy with the features, he or she can go for cancellation. In such cases, the insurance provider would refund the premium. However, the repayment would be done after making adjustment of the expenses for Pre-acceptance screening, proportionate risk and stamp duty, provided the policyholder has not made any claim till the cancellation.

This benefit is not offered at the time of policy renewal.

Policy exclusions:

This portion of the policy is more or less similar to the other health insurance policies under Star Health.

Health Conditions and treatments


Naturopathy treatments

Not Covered

Diagnostic expenses

Not Covered

Cosmetic treatment

Not Covered

Cosmetic surgery

Not Covered

Congenital disease

Not Covered

Obesity treatments

Not Covered

Dental treatment (except accident cases)

Not Covered


Not Covered

Mental disorders

Not Covered

Nuclear weapon induced treatments

Not Covered

Drug abuse

Not Covered


Not Covered

Premium Details:

The image given below illustrates the premium details: