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Most Popular Policies of Star Health Insurance

  • Star Health Criticare Plus Policy
    Star Health Criticare Plus Policy is a critical illness policy that provides hospitalization benefits along with critical illness cover.
    Key features of Star Health Criticare Plus Policy
    • 5% discount for up to 2 members and 10% discount for more than 2 members
    • Coverage available for non-allopathic treatments is available up to 25% of the sum insured
    • No medical screening for candidates below 50 years of age
    • Coverage available for specific day care process and ambulance charge
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  • Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
    Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance plan offers protection to the entire family for a single premium.
    Key features of Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
    • Coverage for new born baby is available
    • Coverage for organ donor expenses is available
    • Coverage available for expenses due to domiciliary treatment
    • Restore benefit and recharge benefit are available
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  • Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy
    Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy is designed for individuals between 60 to 75 years of age to look after their medical needs.
    Key features of Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • in-house claim settlement facility is available
    • Coverage for nursing and ICU expenses is available
    • Customized e -health records available
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  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
    Star Cardiac Care Insurance policy is designed for people with previous history of heart related ailments.
    Key features of Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • Scope to increase sum insured amount at policy renewal
    • Coverage for Cardiac Medical Management in Gold Plan
    • Coverage available for pre and post hospitalization expenses
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Star Health Criticare Plus

Out of all the comprehensive critical care insurance plans available in the market, Star Health Criticare Plus is perhaps one of the best. The main focus of this policy is to provide reimbursement for the hospitalization expenditures incurred on account of illness, ailment(s) or injuries due to accidents. The policyholder is also entitled to get a lump sum, if he or she is diagnosed with a critical health condition (as per the policy listing).

Benefits offered – Section I

  • The hospitalization cover safeguards the policyholder from bearing the in-patient hospitalization expenses. It is applicable on cases with least 24 hours of hospitalization.
  • The expenditures include — nursing charges, room rent, doctors, consultants, and anesthetist fees. It also covers the cost of the medicines and specialist charges.
  • Ambulance charges incurred due to emergency transportation of the patient (policyholder) to the hospital are also covered. It’s up to Rs. 750/hospitalization. The overall limit of the same is Rs. 1500/policy period.
  • One of the unique features of this policy is non-allopathic treatments are also covered. It is up to 25 percent of the sum insured.
  • The policy offers pre-hospitalization medical benefits for up to 30 days before admission.
  • In case of post-hospitalization expenses, an amount of 7 percent of the expenditures during hospitalization is payable.
  • Star Health Criticare Plus also covers pre-existing health conditions after the waiting period of 48 months of consecutive policy renewal with any of the Indian insurance providers.

Benefits offered – Section II

  • The policy offers lump sum reimbursement under this section. It’s in addition to the compensation mentioned under the previous section (Sec I).
  • Such expenses (hospitalization) would only be compensated till the date of major illness diagnosis.
  • Upon claim compensation made under Section II, all of the further benefits included in this section will be ceased.
  • The lump sum compensation will be paid only once during the lifetime of a policyholder. It is irrespective of the number of critical health conditions suffered by him or her.
  • There is no critical illness survival period, just waiting period. The latter is of 90 days from the starting date of the policy. It cannot be renewed.

Additional benefits

  • The policyholder is also entitled to get a family discount in case of Family floater plan. It is 5% and 10% off for up to 2 and more than 2 family members, respectively.
  • If the policyholder makes payment using any option other than cash, he or she is eligible to enjoy tax benefits under the ITA, 1962 Section 80D.

List of major illnesses under Criticare Plus

  • Initial diagnosis of Brain Tumor, Caner and Chronic Kidney ailment
  • Major organ transplant
  • Heart Attack
  • Cerebrovascular stroke leading to hemiplegia for the first time
  • Established irreversible coma for the first time
  • Established irreversible Paraplegia and Quadriplegia for the first time


Any individual between the age group of 18 to 65 years can buy this insurance policy, provided he or she resides in India. Although there is no exit age limit, after 65 years the policy can only be renewed.



Coverage Amount

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 10,00,000

Policy Duration

1 Year

1 Year

Entry Age

18 years

65 years

For senior citizens

For individuals between the age group of 60 to 65 years, the maximum sum insured is Rs. 2 Lakhs. Check out the chart given below to know about the extent of coverage according to sub-limits:


Limits (in Rs.)

Cancer and bone breakage, Renal complications, cerebro-vascular accidents and disease.


Other major surgeries

12, 0000

Star Health Criticare Plus — Renewal

  • The policy comes along with a lifetime renew ability option, except for the cases, like fraud or misrepresentation, non disclosure and moral hazard.
  • The policyholder also gets a grace period. It is of 30 days from the expiry date of the policy renewal date.
  • Sum insured enhancement benefit is also offered. However, it is only policy renewal.

Policy exclusions

  • There are certain ailments that are not covered in the first year of the policy. They are — Sinusitis, Piles, Fistula, Congenital defects, Renal and Gall stone removal, Hydrocele, Hernia and Prostate Hypertrophy (Benign).
  • The diseases that are not covered in the initial 2 years of the policy are — Hysterectomy, Cataract, Fibromyoma, Knee replacement surgery, varicose ulcers and slip disc.
  • The expenses incurred due to medical examinations and natural treatments are not covered.
  • There is a 30 days of waiting period from the beginning of the insurance plan. No claims would be entertained during this period.

Star Health Criticare Plus — Premium Rates

Sum Insured (in Rs.)

18 — 35 Years

36 — 45 Years

46 — 55 Years

56 — 65 Years

Above 65 Years































Note:The premiums are exclusive of service tax.