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Most Popular Policies of Star Health Insurance

  • Star Health Criticare Plus Policy
    Star Health Criticare Plus Policy is a critical illness policy that provides hospitalization benefits along with critical illness cover.
    Key features of Star Health Criticare Plus Policy
    • 5% discount for up to 2 members and 10% discount for more than 2 members
    • Coverage available for non-allopathic treatments is available up to 25% of the sum insured
    • No medical screening for candidates below 50 years of age
    • Coverage available for specific day care process and ambulance charge
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  • Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
    Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance plan offers protection to the entire family for a single premium.
    Key features of Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
    • Coverage for new born baby is available
    • Coverage for organ donor expenses is available
    • Coverage available for expenses due to domiciliary treatment
    • Restore benefit and recharge benefit are available
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  • Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy
    Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy is designed for individuals between 60 to 75 years of age to look after their medical needs.
    Key features of Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • in-house claim settlement facility is available
    • Coverage for nursing and ICU expenses is available
    • Customized e -health records available
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  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
    Star Cardiac Care Insurance policy is designed for people with previous history of heart related ailments.
    Key features of Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • Scope to increase sum insured amount at policy renewal
    • Coverage for Cardiac Medical Management in Gold Plan
    • Coverage available for pre and post hospitalization expenses
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Star Health Accident Care Insurance

Accidental emergencies don’t come giving prior notifications. They just happen all of a sudden. Sad, but true – you cannot fight your destiny. However, you can always get yourself insured with a proper health insurance that covers accidents as well. If you are looking for such an insurance policy, then your search is over. That’s because Star Health presents Accident Care Insurance policy.

Major policy highlights and eligibility

  • The policy offers protection against – Accidental death, Temporary Total Disablement (TTD) and Permanent Disability (PD).
  • It offers Educational grant to children.
  • The premiums are really affordable.
  • This policy is designed for both individuals as well as groups.
  • In family package, kids can be included in the policy only after attaining the age of 3 years.
  • Children can be covered along with their parents.
  • The amount of coverage would be fixed.
  • Sum insured is based on the monthly income.
  • Group plans don’t have any additional benefits. However, they are entitled for a concession on the basic premium, when the group size increases to a large extent.

Risks covered by the policy

  • Accidental demise
  • Permanent Disability (partial or complete) as a result of accident
  • TTD, the policyholder is entitled for weekly benefits calculated at the rate of 1% of the amount covered; the overall limit is Rs. 5000/week up to 100 weeks

Additional Benefits of the Policy (no additional premium)

  • Educational grant to children – Rs. 5000/- for 1 child and Rs. 10000/- for 2 children
  • Transportation charges incurred against mortal remains – Rs. 3000/-
  • Conveyance charges for 1 relative – Rs. 1000/-

Optional benefits (on additional premiums)

  • The policy can be extended in order to cover medical bills, but on payment extra premium.

Risk features

For the sole reason of rating, the individuals proposed for the coverage are categorized as:

  • Risk Group I

    – Individuals who are primarily involved in Administrative functions

  • Risk Group II

    – Individuals who are involved in manual work, apart from the job profiles mentioned in the next pointer

  • Risk Group III

    – Individuals who work in mines, explosive industry, electric supply (high tension), arsenal workers, horse racing (jockeys also), athletes and in occupations with related degree of hazards, as per the policy specifications.

Policy Premium details

Coverage per Risk Group

Group I

Group II

Group III

Per mille – per thousand

Table I




Table II




Table III




Group Policy

As mentioned earlier, these policies come up with a certain discounts on the basic premium. The table given below represents the same:

Group Size

Discount on premium (add-ons and service tax excluded)

2 – 100




1001 – 5000


5001 – 10,000


More than 10,000


Note: Travel benefits for 1 relative as mentioned in the additional benefit section are not applicable for group policies.

Policy exclusion chart

Disease or Health Condition


Pre-existing illness or condition

Not covered

Events that occurred before the commencement of the policy

Not covered

Actions against physician’s advice

Not covered

Intentional accidents (crime due to drugs and alcohol)

Not covered

Mental disorders

Not covered

Suicide or attempt to suicide

Not covered

Sexually transmitted ailments

Not covered

Treatments induced due to Chemical, Nuclear or Biological terrorist activities

Not covered

Policy renewal

  • Until and unless, there is a case of fraud or misrepresentation of facts, the policyholder can easily opt for renewals.
  • The policyholder will also be given a grace period of 30 days after the date of expiration of the policy for renewals.
  • The renewal premium is a matter that can change according to the IRDAI with prior approval.

General terms

  • Availability of Free Look Period
  • Round the clock customer care service
  • e-documentation